The Calendar Club not only gives you an opportunity to win money throughout the year, your contribution helps GWBS programs. You can also use the calendar to keep track of  GWBS activities and tournament trips. 

Here's how the Calendar Club works: 

  • Each calendar has an identifying 3-digit number. Upon receipt of your registration form and donation, you become eligible for the daily prize drawings commencing January 1 and concluding December 31
    of the calendar year. 

  • Winners are determined daily by the 3-digit nightly Maryland Lottery (played straight as drawn).

  • Amount of the daily winnings is indicated on the day's 

  • calendar entry. 
  • Winners are paid at the end of each month by check.

Reserve your Calendar Club number(s) now. For more information or to get your club book,  see a GWBS Senate Rep at your favorite bowling center.

March and October monthly raffle also available. Your contribution supports our awards program.



January 2024 winner checks have been been mailed.


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