Mission Statement
Dedication to The National Bowling Association, Inc. through voluntary service to our members, providing good leadership for the betterment of the association. 

Vision Statement
Reflect on our PAST and be a model senate of the PRESENT, building on diversity to continue the friendship, fellowship and sportsmanship for the FUTURE


Our History

The bowlers of the DC and Baltimore areas were originally introduced to the National Bowling Association in the early '50s. Since neither area had the required number of people
to be chartered by NBA, they combined to become the Twin City Senate. In 1960, the Twin City Senate hosted a NBA National Convention in Washington, DC. As membership grew in both DC and Baltimore, the cities agreed in 1961 to separate and form two new bowling senates. Fifty years later Chesapeake Bay and Greater Washington senates are still
in existence and very active.      

Greater Washington held their organizational meeting on Saturday, August 19, 1961, in the ballroom on the second floor of the historic Masonic Temple, located at 10th and U Streets, NW, Washington, DC. A NBA representative was present to help with NBA questions.

Business that was completed at the meeting included the election of officers, ratifying the constitution, deciding all major issues such as dues, purpose and functions of the Senate. There was an overview of the National Bowling Association, why it was organized, its progress through the years, and its future. Upon completion of business the Greater Washington Bowling Senate was officially chartered.

The first elected officers were: President James Minor; Vice President Fred Coleman; Secretary Martha Burton; Treasurer Robert Edmonds; Publicity-Business Manager - James R. Hurley.


We have hundreds of people to thank for the progress we have made since that first meeting 50 years ago. The following people served as officers of Greater Washington Bowling Senate:


Presidents: James Minor, William “Bill” Miles, Elmore "Fish" Middleton, Martha Burton, Warren Hughes, Cornell M. Jackson, Carolyn Guest, John J. Walker, Betty Williams, Ella (Robinson) Townsell, and Barbara Vaughan, our current President.


Vice Presidents: Fred Coleman, Joseph Nuchurch, James "Sonny" Steward, Catharyn “SoSo” Gullatt, Carolyn Guest, Paul Carey, John J. Walker,    Alvin Hall, Betty Williams, Ella Townsell, Cornell M. Jackson, Robin Holt,

Johnnie Jones, our current Vice President.


Secretaries: Martha Burton, Alice Chambers Stroman, Alberta Coble, Cornell M. Jackson, Catharyn Gullatt, Trudy Peoples, Ella Townsell,  Barbara Vaughan, and Phyllis Cook, our current Secretary.


Treasurers: Robert Edmonds, James Robinson, Alvin Hall, Willa Stanley, Christine Thompson, Johnnie Andrews,  Carolyn Guest, Jeannie Malone, our current Treasurer.

Our members have won many awards on the national level which include the Mary L. Wilkes Award (Martha Burton, Cornell Jackson), Hall of Fame (Martha Burton, Margarette Uncles, A. Jane Timmons Hassell, Cornell Jackson, and Ron Holt), Secretary of the Year (Catharyn Gullatt, Barbara Vaughan), Joe Blue (James “Sonny” Steward), President of the Year (Warren Hughes, Sr., Cornell Jackson). GWBS has also won Senate of the Year, twice and several membership increase awards. Crystal D. Garner, was the first GWBS youth bowler to receive a TNBA scholarship award. She went on to graduate in the top of her class in the School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC.

To honor the exemplary services of Martha Burton and James “Sonny” Steward, GWBS established outstanding service awards in their names. The awards are given to individuals who have worked tirelessly and faithfully to perpetuate the work of the senate like the awards’ namesakes. GWBS also established Hall of Fame honors for superior bowling performance, meritorious service, and an honor for Senate Sponsors and Founders. Several other awards such as the Willa Stanley and President Awards were established as well. GWBS has an active bowling awards program for bowling achievements.

Since the 1960’s GWBS has competed in The National Bowling Association’s King & Queen Contest, a national fundraiser that supports TNBA’s general fund. Our first king contestant was William Miles in 1963 and our first queen contestant was Sarah Stubbs in 1964. After a succession of runner up positions in the national contest, finally in 1985, Edward “Ed” Woodbury, became the first GWBS King to bring home the crown. And in 1991, Johnnie Andrews, was the first GWBS Queen to bring home the crown. We have had many GWBS Kings and Queens win the national crown, which has benefited both TNBA and GWBS.

GWBS members enthusiastically support TNBA national, regional and local senate tournaments. We have had a multitude of top winners in these tournaments including the Bill Rhodman Singles Classic and Handicap, Anthony J. Roberts Junior Championship, both regional and national, Reed-Hawthorne Memorial Singles Classic and TNBA National Tournament, all categories, in the men, women and senior divisions.

GWBS ardently supports the motto of The National Bowling Association, “Sportsmanship, Fellowship, Friendship” as well as our own motto: